Between the Mediterranean and Atlantic , Europe and Africa , Morocco has always been a land of exchanges and encounters. Since early Antiquity, it has been a land of successive invasions, by the Phoenicians, then the Romans and the Byzantines. Here, Berber, Arab, Jewish and Christian cultures have learnt to live together. Each has contributed its genius, making Morocco a land of tolerance and shared beauty.

In Morocco there is a long tradition of interbreeding in an exceptional cultural heritage, especially in its imperial cities: Marrakech, Rabat , Fez and Meknes. There, great dynasties have built majestic religious edifices and sublime palaces. Not forgetting the medina with their magical colors, real labyrinths protected by their
ramparts, organized around market squares, like the world-renowned Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakech.

This heritage has many other jewels, like the architectural treasures of the ramparts of Essaouira or Asilah, the Roman ruins of Volubilis, the Arab-Andalusia constructions of Tetouan… the more cosmopolitan urban style of Rabat , Casablanca or Tangiers or the imposing beauty of large fortified villages, the ksours, the great valleys of the south.

In this modern country, with its rich living traditions, time quickly takes on another
dimension. As travellers are constantly given opportunities to discover and escape, they will naturally find the haven of peace of their dreams, ideal for relaxation and rest, in this generous land.

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